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How  To Freeze Your Spending

How To Freeze Your Spending

Ever been stuck on the spend-debt-repay treadmill? It’s time to get off! Join me as we freeze our spending for one month. We’ll add up the savings and put it towards our largest debt. Let’s get off the debt coaster and onto the boat swans of savings today!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Home Canning – Part 2

Canning can be daunting! This Beginner’s Guide to Home Canning Part 2 will help. Step by step instructions with lots of pictures will create a clear picture of what to do and how to do it. Some time, a water bath canner, canning tools and these instructions are all you need to get started. So let’s go!…

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Soft Ginger Drop Cookies

How To Bake Soft Ginger Drop Cookies – wheat and egg free! This turned out so beautifully. I am ecstatic! And I am having to work really hard not to eat them all in one sitting. So good!

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The Great Reading Challenge 2016

– starting now! Join me on a wonderful journey through the year as we meet the challenge to read books from some fantastic Christian authors. Let’s let their God-centered views, ideas and opinions influence us for the better. Happy reading!

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Welcome! *smile* My name is Andrea and I LOVE all things homemaking. My very favorite thing is laundry! I make my home in Northern Ontario, Canada. My home comes with a handsome husband, three kid-tastic kids, faith in Jesus, food allergies, and many many projects-on-the-go. Join me in the fun! And together we'll become Homemaking Mavens.

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